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Industry - Horti-culture

Bunching flowers

Every day, all over the world, growers are busy cultivating flowers. When flowers have reached the correct stage, they are harvested and transported.

Flowers are graded into bunches by colour, length and quality. They are then transported to distribution centres. From the distribution centres they go to auction or directly to the purchaser. They finally end up in the florists and bouquet companies. From there, they go to their final destination as beautiful bunches. During this journey, the flowers must be bound one or more times, so that they remain together as a bunch. Cyklop has exactly the right machines to bind them together effectively and efficiently, in either small or large quantities,

Sealing export boxes

Prior to export, flowers are often packed into cardboard boxes. Naturally, these boxes must be properly sealed, so the flowers arrive fresh with the end customer.

Strapping band is extremely suitable for the sealing and strengthening of export boxes. It is cheap, extremely strong, flexible and does not distort. It is also useful as a handling system and to display information. For example, it is very easy to place a code on a strapping band.

Coding on boxes

Flowers are often packed in boxes, especially for export. These boxes are very suitable for printing, for example to add variable information.

At Cyklop we distinguish between two methods of printing or coding: High Resolution Inkjet printing and Continuous Inkjet printing. Which technique is most suitable depends on various factors, such as required print speed, the amount of information to be printed and under what circumstances the print is made.

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