Stretch wrapper for heavy loads and pallets

The stretch wrapper CSA 212 is a rotating stretch wrapper with an efficient method, to stack loose pallet loads securely. The CSA 212 is suitable for wrapping of instable and/or light products in places where the machine should stay free from the floor and many other situations.

This machine is equipped with a clever pre-stretch system with adjustable pre-stretch up to 400%. The choice of pre-stretch depends on the type of stretch film and load. The CSA 212 is easy to operate due to the clear touchscreen display.

  • Drive through patented gear
  • Pre-stretch 150% – 200% – 250%
  • Full control of speed and film coating
  • Handles up to 20 pallets per hour
  • Suitable for heavy pallets and unstable loads
  • Option: Automatic cutting device

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